Weps is a simple computer benchmark program.


Long time ago, I possessed an Atari 1040ST computer, equipped with a Fortran compiler, I forgot which one. On thtis system I developed Weps, a program that measures in some units ('Willems eenheden per seconde') the speed of the computer system, using one core, in combination with the compiler. Of course, much better benchmarking programs do exist, but, up until now, it has given me an impression of the performance of the system at hand without much effort.

Some historical numbers, all produced with N=800:

2006 lisa system Intel 65505 KWeps
2008 huygens system IBM 83645 KWeps
2008 my home system AMD 66923 KWeps
2010 lisa system Intel 197349 KWeps
2012 lisa system Intel 222301 KWeps
2014 cartesius system Intel 253483 KWeps
2014 lisa system Intel 299403 KWeps
2014 my laptop Intel 363403 KWeps

Forgive my complete ignorance about processor types: I tend to measure speed and ignore most hardware details.

Java, C, Matlab and Python versions

Originally, the program was coded in Fortran. Stimulated by requests from my colleagues, I produced also versions for the languages C and even Java, Python and Matlab. Once upon a time I even had a Java version running on my smart phone!