Downloads for alracTTG

AlracTTG is available as a zip file: alracttg-0.98.zip

AlracTTG is also available on sourceforge, but the newest version is always available on the link above.

Download the file and extract. You can place the resulting folder on your website. A file 'index.html' (a copy of 'alracttg.html') is provided.

You can also run alracTTG locally, without the use of the Internet: after extracting the zip file, open 'alracttg.html' in the resulting folder with a web browser (Firefox, Eclipse, ...).

NOTE: running locally is not possible (as of feb 2020) with the 'Epiphany' browser. This browser forbids the inclusion of local JavaScript files. All other web browsers I tested, work just fine.

NOTE: you can also run alracTTG from this website: Run alracTTG .