setwmc: companion for yad and plank

setwmc tries to solve the problem one encounters installing a script, together with with a desktop file for use in for example the excellent dock plank using for example yad.

The problem is, that, in order plank to function correctly, the script needs to show a window with a class mentioned in the .desktop file, such as:


Plank will than recognize the window and take actions to show it in the dock etcetera.

This is where setwmc comes into play: you can use it as a wrapper around for example yad. Setwmc will create a small window with the desired name and class and start yad. Example:

 setwmc check-website check-website yad --info

Plank will see the window with class check-website and take appropriate actions. Care is taken that setwmc exits when yad exits, and that yad exits when the small window is destroyed, for example by clicking 'Close' in the icon in the dock.

An example of the usage of setwmc is available in check-website.

The software is available here.