Wsnow: Let it snow in your browser

What is it

Wsnow is a program that shows Christmas paraphernalia in your browser. The program is inspired by xsnow.

Why I wrote wsnow

The program xsnow was from the beginning in 1984 rather popular amongst Unix and Linux users. Searching the WWW, there are many examples of snow producing programs that run in a browser. I was unable to find a xsnow-lookalike. So it was time to try to create a version that runs virtually everywhere where a web browser is installed.

The name

The name was not difficult to determine: "wsnow" yields relatively few hits on the WWW, so that seemed a usable and appropriate one.


Wsnow is written in JavaScript and jQuery. As a template I used Let-it-snow, written by Fincza András. I have to add that very little of the original code remains... For the setting of the background-color, I use Spectrum Colorpicker v1.8.0. from Brian Grinstead.


For me, who's native language is Fortran-77, there are many issues in a language like JavaScript. Luckily, I found that I am not the only one, so there are many questions, answers and tutorials to be found on the WWW. I guess that only at the end of this project I got the feeling that I understand more or less how JavaScript works. JavaScript professionals will be amused when they look at my code...