Other snow implementations

Xsnow is one of many snow simulating programs. Here are some examples, made for Linux.

Forks of xsnow

There are some forks of xsnow:

  • 2011 Kristofer Hallin - A patch for xsnow-1.32, targeted at the KDE desktop.
  • 2018 Oleg Pyzin - A slightly enhanced xsnow-1.42: more trees.
  • 2022 Icelk - This is a patch for xsnow-1.42 to make it run in modern environments.
  • 2023 Mark James Capella - A fork of xsnow-3.7.5, with a QT color picker and, according to Mark: "HUGE bug fixes for modern desktops !", so I recommend you have a look at it.

Other snowing programs

Only programs that seem to run in all desktops are shown.

  • 2015 Antony K - A python implementation of xsnow. Because it is written in python2 it needs some reworking, I could not get it to run.
  • 2018 Anosh D. Ullenius - A javascript implementation.
  • 2019 Robin Krens - An implementation using QT. I could compile the program using -O0 in Makefile for CXXFLAGS and run it. (-O2 results in segfault).
  • 2023 John Anderson - Snows in the terminal window.

Still others ...

Very probably, this list is not exhaustive. I'd be happy if you inform me of other implementations.