Tennis scheduler

What does it do?

Example: there are 6 people who want to play tennis weekly. Of course, in general, 4 players are enough on any play day, so there is a need for a scheme to determine who plays when. And, to avoid embarrassing non-discussions, it is also nice if the scheme determines who pays the coffee.

Other considerations:

  • Generate output in the form of a pdf file or a print-out.
  • Players are not available on every date (vacation, for example).
  • Some dates are not playable at all (Xmas, for example).
  • Include emails and telephone numbers.
  • Include a list of reserve players: not in the schedule itself but available if there not enough players on a particular date.

This program, written in javascript and jquery and running in a browser, generates a schedule, taking in account above considerations. The data is kept on the user's PC, so there are no security issues as long as that PC is safe.

The software is to be used by one person who generates a schedule and outputs this to a pdf file or paper output and distributes that among the players.

Running and downloading the program

You can run the program here, and you can download it if you want to run it local or place it on your own website: unzip the file and point your browser at ts.html.


The program speaks Dutch, but if there is interest for other languages, Let me know and I'll see what is possible.

See also

Another tennis related program which generates a schedule for a tennis tournament is available here. Btw: this program speaks many languages.